Well just another archive of good resources for Best Laravel Practices.


  • Get the mardown docs hosted on individual route using doc generator, which are currently not hosted on their independent domain.

Story: Lots of times I have searched on internet for best laravel practices & everytime found one more which was promising and kept losing track of the older ones. Which made me felt why they are not together.

There was this domain maintained by darwinbiler which caught my eye but it was not maintained anymore. Checked with darwinbiler about whether I should host it on some domain to which he agreed. At the same time was available too. I was hosting the same older version ( which darwinbiler was maintaining on it, until one day when I realised, its not that easy to update it to the latest updates in laravel.

Then one day Punyapal Shah posted on twitter about one more resource. The first thought that crossed my mind was to host his version on this domain by pulling wiki pages through github action and host it as a doc. And while doing that I thought why can't we just host all github markdown resources on this domain (only if they are not hosted on individual domain). This needs little work to figure out how it is to be done. Till then it will act as an archive of all resource which I know of.

If you feel you know just the good candidate to be added to the list & create a PR here.

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